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Import skins into Flex Builder

Posted on October 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Import skins into Flex Builder

1 Start Flex Builder.
2 Select the project that uses your custom skins.
3 Select File > Import > Skin Artwork to open the Import Skin Artwork dialog box.
4 Under Import skins from, select Folder or bitmaps.
5 Browse to the directory that contains your skins as .png files.
6 When you select the assets directory, Flex Builder automatically creates a CSS file with the same name as the
directory that contains the .png files. You can rename this file by entering a different file name in the Create skin style
rules in field.
7 Select Next to open the Import Skin Artwork dialog box.
8 Choose the Flex components that you want to skin.

Remember that skins use the following naming convention Style_Selector_Part. By default, Flex Builder
assigns skins to components based on the skin names. You can optionally use Style Selector and Skin Part in the
Import Skin Artwork dialog box to explicitly assign a skin to a component. For more information on skin names,
see “Naming skin assets” on page 3.
9 Select Finish. Flex Builder adds the SWF and CSS files where do you buy viagra | buy cialis phentermine | cheap levitra online to your project, and adds an tag to your
application file. You can edit the CSS file as necessary for your application.
10 Save, then run your application to see your custom skins, or view them in Design View in Flex Builder.

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