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The divine proportion is a mathematical concept dating to ancient times that is used as a principle in almost all types of design from architecture to art to websites.

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Applying The Golden Ratio In Modern Designs

By underpinning the design of your website with a literally natural order, viewers may find your design more interesting and innately pleasing. This concept is called the golden ratio, a mathematical concept nature obeys and that we humans subconsciously recognize as an expression of perfection.

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UX Blogs for your learning

  • Konigi by Michael AngelesTips, tools and techniques for being a better user experience designer
  • Disambiguity by Leisa ReicheltThe ins and outs of designing a product with an existing, and passionate, community
  • EverydayUX by Alex RainertA fresh look at the world around us through UX-tinted glasses
  • Graphpaper by Christopher FaheyCritical analysis of some of the toughest issues facing UX designers today
  • inspireUX by Catriona CornettCubical-wall worthy quotations from a variety of practitioners on how and why to create positive user experiences
  • Bokardo – Social Design by Joshua PorterFor everything you need to consider when designing socially-focused stuff
  • Logic + Emotion by David ArmanoReusable visualizations and valuable synthesis at the intersection of user experience design, marketing and business
  • Putting People First by ExperientiaA great resource for all things UX from around the globe
  • Brain Sparks by User Interface Engineering (UIE)Inside the brilliant minds of user research pioneer Jared Spool and his team
  • Design for Service by Jeff HowardInsights into all the ways companies need to be communicating with their customers, outside of their websites
  • UX Booth by Redd Horrocks, Matthew Kammerer, David Leggett, and Andrew MaierA group blog written by up-and-coming designers and developers with fresh perspectives on user experience design. They represent the next generation of our community

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10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design

Summary: The 10 most general principles for interaction design. They are called “heuristics” because they are more in the nature of rules of thumb than specific usability guidelines.

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