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TextArea Automatically Resize

Posting this just on the off-chance someone else ran how do i buy viagra online | buy cialis canadian | cheap levitra generic into the issue and the solutions on the net weren’t up to their needs. In a project, I’m using a TextArea control because it’s better at displaying images inline using the htmlText […]

Hyperlink Control

Problem One of my friends had been asking me about how to change the style of the LinkButton like an HTML hyperlink, since people liketo display the link as like as HTML. Solution I developed a simple Hyperlink control in Flex that has the same look and feel as an HTML anchor tag. Detailed explanation […]

Display HTML content in Flex screen

Problem I have a application where i need to display HTML text in flex screen (using TextArea). Problem is HTML text contains tag which is not supported in flex htmlText property. So all the information under tag is being displayed in single row. Is there any component which understands tag and display in a tablur […]