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jQuery creating custom animations

jQuery fading elements in and out

Fading elements in and out

jQuery hiding and showing elements on the page – arguments.callee

jQuery event helpers

.live() This method attach a handler to the event for all elements which match the current selector, now or in the future. Example : Following code binds the click event to all paragraphs. And add a paragraph to another clicked paragraph : Click me! .die( ) This method removes the handler which is previously attached […]

jQuery working with CSS(CSS Manipulation)

.css( ) This method get the CSS style property of the first matched element.. Example : Above code display the color code of the clicked ‘div’ . .height( ) This method get the height of the first matched element. Example : $(“p”).height()); // returns height of paragraph. $(window).height(); // returns height of browser viewport $(document).height(); […]

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