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Introducing Bootswatch

What’s Bootstrap Again?

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CSS Browser Selector Clever technique to help you on CSS hacks.

CSS Browser Selector is a very small javascript with just one line which empower CSS selectors. It gives you the ability to write specific CSS code for each operating system and each browser.

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CSS Selectors you Must Memorize

The star symbol will target every single element on the page. Many developers will use this trick to zero out the margins and padding. While this is certainly fine for quick tests, I’d advise you to never use this in production code. It adds too much weight on the browser, and is unnecessary.

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CSS String Truncation with Ellipsis for IE FF Opera

We’ll start by adding a class “.ellipsis” to the p tag and building it by example. Add white-space: nowrap, to limit the paragraph to a single line, and overflow: hidden keeps it from making the browser window wider. We then add width: 300px to limit the size (IE6 needs a width defined, even if it’s 100%) and begin constructing our label. Also, first recommended for CSS3 back in 2003[1], the CSS Text Module includes support for text-overflow: ellipsis. So putting that all together:

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How to achieve cross-browser font-face support

At the moment, web fonts are all the buzz. Unfortunately, achieving cross browser support is not easy. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get custom fonts working in all of the major browsers. use following link to view it

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