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Create Google Maps Flex application using Google Maps API

Google maps is a powerful tool that provides a huge range of mapping services like street directories, directions, searches, satellite views and more. All of this power is made available to Flex developers through a Flash/Flex API supplied and supported by Google. This tutorial will show you how to embed a Google Map into a Flex application.

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Applying an effect when an HBox container is resized in Flex – mx:HDividedBox resizeEffect

Applying an effect when an HBox container is resized in Flex

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Developing Flash Components for Flex – addEventListener MouseEvent URLRequest

Adobe is about to release a development kit for Flex to create components by using Flash IDE. This kit may help developers add more interaction and animation effects into their flex components. Now, I will develop a small sample by using this tool.

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Embedding and animating fonts in a Flex application – mx:Zoom mx:Style easingFunction Elastic.easeOut

I meant to post this earlier, and I already touched on font embedding in an earlier post (Building a basic controller for the VideoDisplay control), but here’s a quick little way to embed a font in a Flex application.

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Flex Validator example – mx:PhoneNumberValidator – mx:EmailValidator

Code below shows Flex validator component example. With these components different types of data are get validated with appropriate validators. buy cialis canadian The provided flex feature is mostly used in validating the user ids, email addresses and passwords.

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