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Better data showcase with Gestalt Laws

Gestalt laws originate from the field of psychology. Today, however, this set of laws finds relevance in a multitude of disciplines and industries like design, linguistics, musicology, architecture, visual communication, and more. These laws provide us a framework for explaining how human perception works. Understanding and applying these laws within the scope of charting and […]

When you step to UX track – role and responsibility includes

Contextual Inquiries Creating Affinity diagram Running a card sorting rest and preparing reports Conducting usability testing with paper prototyping Creating persona and scenarios User interview and observation recording Rapid prototyping Creating information architecture and site maps Providing visual guideline and themes for graphics designer Creating UI specification document Collaborating with creative, technology teams and business. […]


The divine proportion is a mathematical concept dating to ancient times that is used as a principle in almost all types of design from architecture to art to websites. CREATE To get this shape for your website, measure the width of your available content area and divide that by 1.618. The resulting number would be […]

Applying The Golden Ratio In Modern Designs

By underpinning the design of your website with a literally natural order, viewers may find your design more interesting and innately pleasing. This concept is called the golden ratio, a mathematical concept nature obeys and that we humans subconsciously recognize as an expression of perfection. The Golden What? In simple terms, the golden ratio (also […]

UX Blogs for your learning

Konigi by Michael AngelesTips, tools and techniques for being a better user experience designer Disambiguity by Leisa ReicheltThe ins and outs of designing a product with an existing, and passionate, community EverydayUX by Alex RainertA fresh look at the world around us through UX-tinted glasses Graphpaper by Christopher FaheyCritical analysis of some of the toughest issues facing UX designers […]

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