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Actionscript dispatching custom events from a custom component

The following example shows how you can declare custom events in an MXML or ActionScript component in Flex 4 by specifying the [Event] metadata.

Filtering and formatting data in the DataGrid component

The DataGrid component lets you easily filter data based on user input and present both the data and the data grid with your custom formatting. This article shows you how to do the following tasks with data grids: Filtering items in a data provider When building applications you’ll want to give the user a quick, […]

Determining a DataGridColumn object’s current sort order – callLater()

The callLater() method queues an operation to be performed for the next screen refresh, rather than in the current update. Without the callLater() method, you might try to access a property of a component that is not yet available. The callLater() method is most commonly used with the creationComplete event to ensure that a component […]

Fade effect in Flex – fadeIn fadeOut

Create custom tooltip – toolTipCreate


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