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Collapsible Panel Component for Flex

Here’s an another post in the same vein as my previous one: this time, the component I’m sharing is a Panel subclass that allows for collapsing and expanding its contents. What this means is that the user can click on the header of the Panel to make it toggle between an open or closed state, […]

Fade effect in Flex

The following lesson shows you how to set a fade effect to display a caption only when the user hovers over an image.

Create custom tooltip for flex – createCustomToolTip

1. Create a new flex project named Tooltip, name your MXML application file main.mxml and set its layout to vertical. 2. First, we need to create the custom ToolTip component by extending the VBox container and implementing the IToolTip interface. To do so, create a new MXML component named CustomToolTip, based on a VBox and […]

HTML link in Flex – Listening for the link event in a Flex Label control

I’ve never found the need to have HTML links in Flex behave (and look) like their true HTML counterparts, but a student recently asked how she could get HTML links defined in a Text control to behave like regular HTML links.

Creating custom pop-up windows with the PopUpManager class

The Alert control is great if you need to get a simple confirmation on an action which has a yes/no type answer, but what do you use when you need to prompt a user for their name or something else? JavaScript has a prompt(), and Flex has a very robust PopUpManager class. This following example […]