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Flex – ActionScript State Transitions bases on actionscript

This is going to be a quick tutorial over using transitions when changing states. It is going to build off the states basics from this tutorial. Again states are very useful in almost all applications and using transitions can put some nice eye candy on your application. This will show some cool transition effects.

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How to create localized UI component / control

One of issues outlined in that post is that the Flex UI components are not localization aware, or more simply put, the UI components do not have any built in support for resource localization. Below we will recap the current method you use to implement localization strings and then a proposed alternative embedding localization handling directly into the UI controls.

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Easy Flex Skinning with Fireworks CS4

I’m as excited as anyone about the prospect of Flash Catalyst, but I recently discovered that skinning in Flex 3 is down right easy. When I first was learning Flex, I had Studio 8, so I managed to completely overlook how easy the developers of Flex Builder and CS3 had made it to skin Flex components–without even leaving design view. When I got my new computer a few months ago, I finally was able to put CS4 on it, and so now cialis generic flagyl buy cialis phentermine soft tabs I am totally blown away with the synergy between these two Adobe products to make skinning so easy anyone can do it, even with out Catalyst. Continue Reading…

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Designing Flex 3 skins and styles using Creative Suite 3 and Flex Builder 3

1. Styling or skinning?

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Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm microarchitecture

Cairngorm Store

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