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window.orientation and the orientationchange event vs orientation

Posted on October 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

Luckily on the latest smartphones you have some goodies available to you that you don’t have on the desktop (since desktop users aren’t in the habit of constantly turning their screens sideways!).

window.orientation: this property gives the current screen orientation: 0 in portrait mode, 90 when rotated left, -90 when rotated right (no special value when the screen is upside-down)

orientationchange event: this window event fires after every 90 degrees of rotation and, like other events, can be applied in various ways:

    // DOM Level 0 (avoid)  
    window.onorientationchange = function(){};  
    // DOM Level 2  
    window.addEventListener('orientationchange', function(){}, false);  

Orientation change using Modernizr

	if(typeof Modernizr != "undefined" &&'(orientation: portrait)')){
	else if(typeof Modernizr != "undefined" &&'(orientation: landscape)')){

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    window.orientation and the orientationchange event vs orientation | Relax Breath of Solution.

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