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What is retina display

The Apple Retina display is a backlit LCD (liquid crystal display) that provides resolution levels of 220 to 326 pixels per inch. Retina displays are included in recent models of Apple’s mobile devices and the MacBook Pro notebook computer. The Retina display includes an ambient light sensor that allows for automatic screen brightness adjustment for […]

Features in Internet Explorer 10 – IE10 Platform Preview-Review Features

IE10 expands on Internet Explorer 9 functionality in regards to CSS3 support, hardware acceleration, and HTML5 support. It will be divided into two versions with different user interfaces: a new Metro app that will not support plug-ins, and a traditional desktop application that will retain plug-in support. New CSS3 Properties IE10 will support CSS3 gradients […]

Introducing Bootswatch

What’s Bootstrap Again? Bootstrap is a popular web framework made by some talented people at Twitter. It allows even the most time-constrained and design-impaired to create nice-looking sites. As more and more sites adopt Bootstrap though, a growing issue is the uniformity between them. You might already recognize the signature black bar and blue buttons. […]