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Flex How to remove Duplicates from an Array

If you have an Array and you want to get rid of duplicates from the array, here is a little function you can order online levitra use to achieve the same. Basically, all its doing is making use of the forEach function built in Flex that runs a custom function for every item in the […]

MultiLine Label in Flex

If you are using the control and the size of your text is bigger than the size of the container, you will see a cut off version of the text because by default, the Label control does not allow multiline text. So, here is what I wrote quickly to achieve this functionality.

Displaying a webcam’s video in a Flex VideoDisplay control – attachCamera(), getCamera()

The following example shows you how you can display a user’s webcam feed in a VideoDisplay control using the static Camera.getCamera() method and VideoDisplay class’s attachCamera() method. [/as3] < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> < ![CDATA[ import mx.controls.Alert; private function videoDisplay_creationComplete():void { var camera:Camera = Camera.getCamera(); if (camera) { videoDisplay.attachCamera(camera); } else {"You don't seem to […]

Truncating text using the Spark SimpleText control in Flex 4 – TruncationOptions

The following example shows how you can truncate text using the Spark SimpleText control in Flex 4 by setting the truncation property and specifying the maximum number of lines allowed. Incoming search terms:flex spark label truncate (13)

Displaying dynamically loaded XML in a DataGrid control in Flex – QName