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Flex – ActionScript State Transitions bases on actionscript

This is going to be a quick tutorial over using transitions when changing states. It is going to build off the states basics from this tutorial. Again states are very useful in almost all applications and using transitions can put some nice eye candy on your application. This will show some cool transition effects. To […]

How to create localized UI component / control

One of issues outlined in that post is that the Flex UI components are not localization aware, or more simply put, the UI components do not have any built in support for resource localization. Below we will recap the current method you use to implement localization strings and then a proposed alternative embedding localization handling […]

Truncating text using the Spark SimpleText control in Flex 4 – TruncationOptions

The following example shows how you can truncate text using the Spark SimpleText control in Flex 4 by setting the truncation property and specifying the maximum number of lines allowed. Incoming search terms:flex spark label truncate (13)

Associating a Skin with a Component

Flex’s Button component was the first to be implemented in the new Spark architecture, and is a good example of component and skin separation. The skin definition first references the component to which this skin can be applied. This optional metadata element allows the skin to hold a reference to the component class, if necessary. […]