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File download without any server (ASP,PHP,etc) script in flash player 10

While reading through flash player 10 API, i come to know cheap buy Without Prescription online Ampicillin that FileReference Class has updated with few new features. FileReference Objetc now can take file into flash player (upload) and give file back to file system (download) without any server side script like ASP, PHP etc. flash player […]

Load external image in to swf file – Load image class

Load external image in to swf file – Load image class

Uploading an image into flash without server side script using flash player 10

According to my last post, Flash Player 10 has updated FileReference class with some new featured methods. My last post explaining how some one can download an image from flash to user Cheap Amoxil file system without using any server side scripting. In this post i am going to show you another power of flash […]

AS3 XML Loader Utility Class

I have developed this XMLUtility class in conjunction with a CustomEvent Class which returns me the loaded XML/String Data along with the complete event firing. You can download the sources from here. Following is the code you need to write when you want to load this class

Solution for Canvas having rounded corner and a background

I have faced a problem when i tried to have a canvas with rounded corner and having an image. I doesn’t want to make the rounded corners in image as the content is going to be scaled. After doing some research on Net i found a good solution to the problem. it is a kind […]