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Creating skins in Adobe Flash CS3 for Flex

You can use Flash CS3 to create vector graphics for Flex skins. Before you can create Flex skins in Flash CS3, you must install the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3. The Flex Component Kit installs the SWC file that contains the classes necessary to create assets compatible with Flex. Install the Flex Component Kit […]

About skinning for Flexbuilder using Adobe Creative Suite

Skinning is the process of changing the appearance of a component by modifying or replacing its visual elements. These elements can be made up of bitmap images, SWF files, or class files that contain drawing methods that define vector images. Skins can define the entire appearance, or only a part of the appearance, of a […]

Easy Flex Skinning with Fireworks CS4

I’m as excited as anyone about the prospect of Flash Catalyst, but I recently discovered that skinning in Flex 3 is down right easy. When I first was learning Flex, I had Studio 8, so I managed to completely overlook how easy the developers of Flex Builder and CS3 had made it to skin Flex […]

Designing Flex 3 skins and styles using Creative Suite 3 and Flex Builder 3

1. Styling or skinning? When you want to customize the appearance of a Flex component, you have two options. One is to tweak the default appearance of the component using styling. Each Flex component buy levitra vardenafil has an extensive set of style 424 buy viagra pill buy viagra | where to buy cialis without […]

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