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Best practices – Creating a composite component

Composite components are components that contain multiple components. They might be graphical assets or a combination of graphical assets and component classes. For example, you can create a component that includes a button and a text field, or a component that includes a button, a text field, and a validator. When you create composite components, […]

Best practices – Custom Component Implementation and points you should fire

createChildren() When is it called? The createChildren() method is automatically called by Flex whenever the custom component is added to a parent by the call addChild(customComponent). Keep in mind that unlike the other overridden methods in this article, there is no invalidate method associated with it. What is its purpose? To add other child components […]

Determining a DataGridColumn object’s current sort order – callLater()

The callLater() method queues an operation to be performed for the next screen refresh, rather than in the current update. Without the callLater() method, you might try to access a property of a component that is not yet available. The callLater() method is most commonly used with the creationComplete event to ensure that a component […]

Fade effect in Flex – fadeIn fadeOut

Create custom tooltip – toolTipCreate


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