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Collapsible Panel Component for Flex

Here’s an another post in the same vein as my previous one: this time, the component I’m sharing is a Panel subclass that allows for collapsing and expanding its contents. What this means is that the user can click on the header of the Panel to make it toggle between an open or closed state, […]

Creating custom pop-up windows with the PopUpManager class

The Alert control is great if you need to get a simple confirmation on an action which has a yes/no type answer, but what do you use when you need to prompt a user for their name or something else? JavaScript has a prompt(), and Flex has a very robust PopUpManager class. This following example […]

Developing Flash Components for Flex – addEventListener MouseEvent URLRequest

Adobe is about to release a development kit for Flex to create components by using Flash IDE. This kit may help developers add more interaction and animation effects into their flex components. Now, I will develop a small sample by using this tool. Please notice that before reading this article you have to prepare your […]

Integration of Flex and JavaScript with ExternalInterface.addCallback()

Call ActionScript from JavaScript/Browser Calling ActionScript from JavaScript again requires use of the ExternalInterface class. First we must use the addCallback() function to expose the ActionScript function we want to call to the container. this javascript part need to be added in HTML page, About ExternalInterface The ExternalInterface class is the External API, an application […]

Creating custom dialog boxes using the PopUpManager and TitleWindow classes

Here are a couple examples of using the TitleWindow container with the PopUpManager class to create custom viagra cheap levitra online sale pop-up windows and dialog boxes.