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Make @font-face Work on Android Devices and Apple Devices

If you use FontSquirrel to generate @font-face kits you may have noticed that they abandoned the Smiley method of generating CSS in favor of newer methods like FontSpring or Mo Bulletproofer. This is great because CSS generated by FontSquirrel will now successfully render fonts in browsers on Android devices. What if you want to update […]

Features in Internet Explorer 10 – IE10 Platform Preview-Review Features

IE10 expands on Internet Explorer 9 functionality in regards to CSS3 support, hardware acceleration, and HTML5 support. It will be divided into two versions with different user interfaces: a new Metro app that will not support plug-ins, and a traditional desktop application that will retain plug-in support. New CSS3 Properties IE10 will support CSS3 gradients […]

Google Indexes SWFs and external content Fleximagically Searchable

Announced a  to investigate how Google is actually crawling swfs. He introduced the term “fleximagically searchable” to be included in external content, which is then loaded into the Flex swf. Hoping that google will read the external source file through the swf. Also testing how this shows up in the search results. Even though I […]

Embedding and animating fonts in a Flex application – mx:Zoom mx:Style easingFunction Elastic.easeOut

I meant to post this earlier, and I already touched on font embedding in an earlier post (Building a basic controller for the VideoDisplay control), but here’s a quick little way to embed a font in a Flex application. In this example we embed a font (the awesome “Base 02? PC TrueType font (TTF) from […]

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