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UX Blogs for your learning

  • Konigi by Michael AngelesTips, tools and techniques for being a better user experience designer
  • Disambiguity by Leisa ReicheltThe ins and outs of designing a product with an existing, and passionate, community
  • EverydayUX by Alex RainertA fresh look at the world around us through UX-tinted glasses
  • Graphpaper by Christopher FaheyCritical analysis of some of the toughest issues facing UX designers today
  • inspireUX by Catriona CornettCubical-wall worthy quotations from a variety of practitioners on how and why to create positive user experiences
  • Bokardo – Social Design by Joshua PorterFor everything you need to consider when designing socially-focused stuff
  • Logic + Emotion by David ArmanoReusable visualizations and valuable synthesis at the intersection of user experience design, marketing and business
  • Putting People First by ExperientiaA great resource for all things UX from around the globe
  • Brain Sparks by User Interface Engineering (UIE)Inside the brilliant minds of user research pioneer Jared Spool and his team
  • Design for Service by Jeff HowardInsights into all the ways companies need to be communicating with their customers, outside of their websites
  • UX Booth by Redd Horrocks, Matthew Kammerer, David Leggett, and Andrew MaierA group blog written by up-and-coming designers and developers with fresh perspectives on user experience design. They represent the next generation of our community

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40 Best Bootstrap Tools for Designers

List of Bootstrap tools/resources do you use and would recommend to others ? If you have a few favourites, then please share them with our readers in the comment section below.

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Make @font-face Work on Android Devices and Apple Devices

If you use FontSquirrel to generate @font-face kits you may have noticed that they abandoned the Smiley method of generating CSS in favor of newer methods like FontSpring or Mo Bulletproofer. This is great because CSS generated by FontSquirrel will now successfully render fonts in browsers on Android devices.

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Features in Internet Explorer 10 – IE10 Platform Preview-Review Features

IE10 expands on Internet Explorer 9 functionality in regards to CSS3 support, hardware acceleration, and HTML5 support. It will be divided into two versions with different user interfaces: a new Metro app that will not support plug-ins, and a traditional desktop application that will retain plug-in support.

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Introducing Bootswatch

What’s Bootstrap Again?

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