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Customizing the Look & Feel of a Flex Application

Applying Styles

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A brief overview of the Spark architecture and component set

With the release of Flex 4 comes the introduction of a new skinning and component architecture for Flex user interface components called Spark. Spark offers designers and developers a seamless way to customize the visuals and behaviors of a Flex component in a much more direct and effortless manner. Whereas in prior versions of Flex, developers and where can i buy cialis designers could heavily style their applications and potentially drop into programmatic or graphical skinning to achieve the look and feel they desired, Spark gives users a more intuitive, declarative, and robust skinning where to buy cialis without prescription model that lets true creativity come to life. In this article I introduce some of the exciting new capabilities of the Spark architecture and component set shipping with Flex 4. I also highlight some of the other cool capabilities of Spark, such as assignable layouts, a new graphics library, an enhanced states where do you buy viagra model, and a whole new effects engine. Additionally, I explain how Spark components can interact and live side-by-side with MX (Flex 3 and prior) components. Continue Reading…

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Moving existing Flex projects from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4

If buy clomid without buy viagra pill | where can i buy cialis | buy levitra online a prescription you want to start using Flash Builder 4 with your existing Flex 3 projects, there are a number of different approaches you can take, depending on the Flex SDK features you want to use and the amount of migration work you’re prepared to undertake.

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Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4

The Flex 4 release is a major change from Flex 3. Flex 4 introduces a new component and skinning architecture. As a Flex 3 developer, however, you will likely not encounter too many challenges when compiling Flex 3 applications with Flex 4 , since a goal of the new release is to maintain backwards buy viagra online order compatibility with Flex 3.

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Associating a Skin with a Component

Flex’s Button component was the first to be implemented in the new Spark architecture, and is a good example of component and skin separation. The skin definition first references the component to which this skin can be applied. This optional metadata element allows the skin to hold a reference to the component class, if necessary. Next, the various component states are referenced, followed by visual definitions of the component:

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