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Customizing the Look & Feel of a Flex Application

Applying Styles Flex styles are based on the web standard CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). There are several levels a style may be applied at: You may specify a single style on a particular component, use a CSS Class selector to set several styles together or use a type selector to specify that all components of […]

A brief overview of the Spark architecture and component set

With the release of Flex 4 comes the introduction of a new skinning and component architecture for Flex user interface components called Spark. Spark offers designers and developers a seamless way to customize the visuals and behaviors of a Flex component in a much more direct and effortless manner. Whereas in prior versions of Flex, […]

Moving existing Flex projects from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4

If buy clomid without buy viagra pill | where can i buy cialis | buy levitra online a prescription you want to start using Flash Builder 4 with your existing Flex 3 projects, there are a number of different approaches you can take, depending on the Flex SDK features you want to use and the […]

Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4

The Flex 4 release is a major change from Flex 3. Flex 4 introduces a new component and skinning architecture. As a Flex 3 developer, however, you will likely not encounter too many challenges when compiling Flex 3 applications with Flex 4 , since a goal of the new release is to maintain backwards buy […]

Filtering and formatting data in the DataGrid component

The DataGrid component lets you easily filter data based on user input and present both the data and the data grid with your custom formatting. This article shows you how to do the following tasks with data grids: Filtering items in a data provider When building applications you’ll want to give the user a quick, […]

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