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CSS Sprites and How To Use Them

I thought you would never ask. Let’s start by showing the BEFORE example. Notice in the CSS below how the anchor tag does not get a background-image, but each individual class does. Now check out the AFTER example. Notice in the CSS that there is a single background-image applied to the anchor element itself, and […]

pseudo-class in css with examples

CSS pseudo-classes are used to add special effects to some selectors. Syntax The syntax of pseudo-classes: CSS classes can also be used with pseudo-classes: Pseudo-classes can be combined with CSS classes: CSS – The :first-child Pseudo-class The :first-child pseudo-class matches a specified element that is the first child of another element. Note: For :first-child to […]

Min-Height Fast Hack

Assuming each and all you folk know how min-height is ‘supposed’ to work, would it be all that bold that it’s safe to say that…well… can’t we just do this? (because that’s what I’ve decided to do after throwing IE5.x out the window) CSS: MIN-HEIGHT WITH !IMPORTANT

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