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Better data showcase with Gestalt Laws

Posted on September 24, 2014 | No Comments

Gestalt laws originate from the field of psychology. Today, however, this set of laws finds relevance in a multitude of disciplines and industries like design, linguistics, musicology, architecture, visual communication, and more.

These laws provide us a framework for explaining how human perception works.

Understanding and applying these laws within the scope of charting and data visualization can help our users identify patterns that matter, quickly and efficiently.

None of the Gestalt laws work in isolation, and in any given scenario, you can find the interplay of two or more of these laws.

Let us cover some of the Gestalt laws that are relevant to enhancing data visualization graphics.

Gestalt Law of Prägnanz
The law of Prägnanz is the central law of Gestalt.

Prägnanz is a German word that means “pithiness.” Pithiness is the act of being concise and full of meaning/substance.

The law of Prägnanz states that the human brain loves simplicity and it tends to process simple patterns — patterns that are regular, even, and orderly — faster than patterns that are more complex.

Nice article about Gestalt Law

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