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Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm microarchitecture

Posted on October 20, 2010 | Comments Off on Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm microarchitecture

Cairngorm Store

Throughout the series buy cialis canadian you will find references to code taken from an e-commerce application named Cairngorm Store. You may use this sample application to gain a better understanding of Cairngorm, but please consider it only as a guide. Adobe is not responsible for maintaining the Cairngorm Store application.

This six-part series presents an open-source architectural framework for Flex developers called Cairngorm. In this series, we explain the thought leadership behind Cairngorm, the design challenges that Cairngorm addresses best, and the types of projects for which Cairngorm is an appropriate skeleton for development.

Using 424 buy viagra the Cairngorm Store sample application, this series explains how the Adobe Consulting team thinks about scoping, estimating, and delivering a rich Internet application (RIA) when basing it on Cairngorm from the start. We also explain various Cairngorm concepts and take a deep dive into the implementation of the Cairngorm Store.

Finally, we demonstrate some of the principal benefits of delivering an RIA based on this established microarchitecture by adding a new feature to the existing Cairngorm Store application from the point of view of a Cairngorm developer. By this stage in the series, you see the benefits for yourself.

Cairngorm isn’t the only way to build a rich Internet application, of course. Adobe Consulting, however, has used the information contained in this series to help numerous customers and partners successfully deliver large-scale Flex RIAs by building upon their preexisting Flex application development knowledge.

This comprehensive introduction covers the full spectrum of Cairngorm, from understanding the motivation and concepts of Cairngorm to architecting your own applications upon this established and supported microarchitecture.

Instead of delving into code from the outset, Part 1 provides the context and background for understanding the Cairngorm architecture. We discuss frameworks and clarify the difference between an application framework and an architectural framework. We then explore design patterns and introduce the microarchitecture concept. Finally, we give a brief background on the emergence of Cairngorm: its history and where it is headed—its roadmap.

In Parts 2–6, you will develop a retail commerce application using both Flex and Cairngorm on the client-side tier and a new or existing J2EE infrastructure on the server-side tier. Read More…

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